LIVE WEBINAR: Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at 2:00 PM ET

Detailing the Building Enclosure Interfaces – Identifying Areas of Concern Throughout the Construction Process

Please join us live for this CEU Webinar sponsored by Tremco. Do you see “by others” on your project details? Too often that translates into “who is responsible” and “how should it be done.” With this confusion, it is not surprising to hear that building enclosure failure generally occurs within three percent of the total enclosure. Enclosure repair and replacement in North America remains a multi-billion dollar expenditure. The majority of the problems are moisture related. They are caused either by air leakage or exterior moisture penetration because of lack of proper terminations and transitions. This presentation will address construction concerns throughout the project related to moisture intrusion at these critical connections.

Credits: AIA 1 LU | HSW