East Meets West: How Japan And The US Will Retool Home Building (Video)

Sekisui House and Woodside Homes' two architectural team leaders, Hirokazu Miyachi, who, from offices in Osaka, Japan, oversees architectural development for Sekisui House Ltd’s innovative global line of SHAWOOD homes, and William Ramsey, a principal at KTGY Architecture + Planning, out of Alameda, Calif., discuss their respective approaches and key influences as they work on the innovative Chōwa project.
The very heart of Chōwa is balance. It’s a home--designed and built differently--where life, work, play, eating, restfulness, joy, and health flourish in harmony. It's East-meets-West in a real world of high-stakes, high-anxiety, and high expectations for new solutions to a host of new stresses and challenges of our technologically warp-speed lives. We'll unveil Chōwa in January 2020, at Howard Hughes Corporation's innovative Summerlin masterplan, an award-winning epi-center of sustainable community development in Las Vegas.